About us

Our Mission

Lower South Baseball exists today to provide a safe, fun and affordable environment for the children and parents of the Lower Southampton community to learn and enjoy the great game of baseball. Ours is a 100% volunteer organization. As such, our success is predicated completely on the continued support and involvement of the Lower Southampton community. In a nutshell, Lower South Baseball is the Lower Southampton community. It is all of us together.

Lower South Baseball does not employ coaches and instructors. We do not ask for exorbitant registration costs and fees. What we do have are the dedicated, volunteer parents of the Lower Southampton community who give their time and energy to teach the game of baseball to our children, and to teach them greater life lessons and skills- hard work, hustle, loyalty, teamwork, respect- that they can take with them far beyond the baseball field. We keep our costs as low as possible to make our organization affordable and inclusive. We will never turn aside a child for their lack of ability to pay, nor will we ever turn away a child who is not "advanced" in their baseball skillset. Every child, regardless of skill and/or economic status, is valued with Lower South Baseball, and they always will be.

If you are looking for a baseball organization that will take you back to your childhood, when the game was played 1)for the simple joy of it, 2)to play with your friends from school and your neighborhood, and 3) to learn the game and the fun of honest competition, then Lower South Baseball is the place for you. Be a part of our success and sign up today!!!


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